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Friday, August 14, 2015

Queers presently leading the charge for satanism against Christ, Christianity, West, USA....

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Rationalism, Common Sense, Rule-Of-Law Must Re-Arise Against Corruption, Criminality
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 15)

Note the real issue is the people's right to discriminate against homos--the right to keep them fm teaching, fm the military, fm adopting children, etc.  There's no right to be homosexual except within rights already understood as individual and property rights.  Pt. is healthy, rational humans will discriminate against homos, refusing to associate w. them, to indulging them, and the homos want to FORCE themselves upon everyone else--which isn't going to obtain.  Homosexuals, pushing their present agenda are actually fascists who are trying to force healthy, rational humanity, and the homos are destined to a bloody, disastrous end, so be it.  For such is homosexuality, irrational, un-healthy, and satanistic.

Note homosexuality is the pursuit of sense-gratification for its own sake to exclusion of anything else, esp. in contempt of the intellect and the abstract, sense-gratification upheld and end-all and be-all.  Homosexuals have rights only in privacy of their own property, but as it's un-healthy and irrational it is rightly condemned by rational society, and this will be the rule and the law.

One must ask, what has happened that homosexuals imagine they will successfully push this extreme irrational agenda of theirs?--obvious answer is the general corruption of society in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," the following corrupt generations so distantly removed fm original founders, the followers never having to have suffered and fought as the originals did, indulging now in what they insist upon as cheap moralistic political-correctness, the purpose being preserving of such criminal and irrational institution of central-banking at the top and including then everything associated therewith such criminality, the monopolization of corrupt corporations, flouting of rule-of-law, sanctity of contract, etc., as we see presently.

Thus corruption will continue to take its toll of the excess population willing to tolerate such perversion and gross irrationality, the economy will break down and people will begin to starving and dying--only then will the next heroic generation arise to overthrow the corruption to begin anew, esp. as in way of original Christian heroes and revolutionaries of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent.  Here in USA, the concept of states-rights, secession, and nullification come immediately to mind as society realizes criminals and psychotics like homosexuals must be punished not rewarded

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Good luck erasing the 14th Amendment and regressing us back to the 1800's. The 14th Amendment (The Civil Rights act) was the basis for their decision. We, the LGBT of Oklahoma, shall be working against you.

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