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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Judaism/Talmudism = satanism, and how/why Jews dominate more numerous gentiles....

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How And Why Judaism = Satanism/Subjectivism, Which Dominates More Numerous, Hubristic, Gentiles
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 15)

The way a philosopher sees and analyzes Christian text is Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above any/all other ideals, including "love," "faith," "peace," or non-existent "good" (as good is subjective, hence meaningless), and as truth is meaningless without objective reality to serve as criterion/basis for any possible, imaginable truth, Christ then is endorsing the Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality--hence "God-given," as understood by Christian culture.

Thus Christ opposed the Pharisees, leaders of the Jews (not same as Judeans, as Pharisees only led about 5-15 % of Judeans at time of Christ), as Pharisees preached the "midrash" (interpretation) of the Mosaic, Torah law, which Mosaic law is what Christ defended--against these Pharisees and their midrash and "Oral Law Tradition."  By all means, don’t hesitate to ck and research Judaism/Talmudism at,, and

And thus we see as Christ reviled Pharisees as foremost liars, very sons of the devil (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), "father of lies," Christ much opposed that basic extreme subjectivism which the Pharisees elevated ("midrash") over and above the strict, straight law of Moses and Torah. Thus the Pharisees determined upon conspiracy to kill Christ, confirmed even in their Talmud which gloats over execution of Christ who was killed for heresy and blasphemy.

Note further, extreme subjectivism understands reality as something issuing fm one's mentality/consciousness, there not being any objective reality, this extreme subjectivism then being actually hubris and making oneself God, creator of reality--hence satanism by definition.

Thus quite apart fm Jews, specifically, we see Christ (at least implicitly) endorsing objectivity AGAINST subjectivism, and further, Christ noted the subjectivist premises to LIES. For given the subjectivist premise there is no truth and everything and anything is both truth and lies at same time. Subjectivism = Satanism = lies. And given the satanist/subjectivist premise, "truth" is merely another lie, and what the satanist/subjectivist calls truth is meaningless and just another lie, another subjectivistic selective assertion, w. no basis in anything other than subjectivist, selective choosing.

Finally then, we observe Jews are additionally COLLECTIVISTS, most organized and "connected" among the general satanists/subjectivists among gentiles who tend to rivalry, narcissist individualism, and thus dissension, all this in face of Jew organization and collectivist solidarity. Thus the fewer, but more organized and connected Jews are enabled thus to dominate, manipulate, and lead the far more numerous gentile satanists/subjectivists.

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