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Friday, August 14, 2015

Homosexuals have greatest difficulty understanding Christianity--oh well, that's their problem....

Below-copied by ap first submitted, published at comments,

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Homo Psychotics Will Not Be Tolerated, Their Stock Doomed
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 15)

What u don't get (see just below-copied) is Christ is mere literary metaphor, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Pharisaic/satanic lies (JOHN 8:44).  Hence Christianity is worship of truth, the only way to Godly happiness, implicitly endorsing Aristotelian objectivity, necessary basis of truth--AGAINST Pharisaic/satanic lies founded in subjectivity.  So the Ten Commandments are irrelevant and non-essential.  Such then is implicit philosophy of Christian New Test. literature which replaced Homer as cultural foundation in the West.

Homosexuality then is irrationalist indulgence in sense-gratification for its own sake--nothing, of course, being wrong w. it by itself, theoretically.  BUT citizens have every right to discriminate against homos in contempt of their corrupt and un-healthy practices/pursuits.  And homos will NOT teach children in schools, adopt children, or serve in military, and the people have right to so discriminate--as they have historically, in keeping w. reason and health, generally.

So present homos are essentially fascist psychopaths, anti-human, not merely anti-Christ, and these will perforce be ruthlessly exterminated without much mercy, I expect.  Meantime there are the usual problems, the mass of over-populated and sensuous-minded people so horrifically confused in all possible ways, un-able to identify homosexual psychopaths as the enemies of humanity they really are, so some homos may continue to survive a little longer.  As US Dollar and economy continues collapse, stock of homos looks dim indeed, doubt it not--they should head for proverbial "hills." 

Thus u can continue to babble ur homo-friendly nonsense, but u don't have much time; there will be no compromises.  I urge u to pray ur miserable and worthless souls to the dear Lord of mercy and salvation, for ur earthly behind isn't worth much at all, I assure u.

----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------

Isn't it interesting how many Christians regard the Ten Commandments as god's law which should be followed? But oddly, only 2.5 of the 10 commandments are actually law in the US. The other 7.5 would violate the constitution and the American ideals of freedom if they were memorialized as law. The only place the other 7.5 are enforced are in Muslim countries that practice sharia law - like Iraq and Afghanistan. And to think, Christians proclaim the 10 commandments as model laws to live by. Let's just hope that the Christian Taliban is never successful in their effort to institute Christian sharia law in the U.S.

-------------"nogods" then responded to mine w. his below-copied--------------------------

Nogods apollonian an hour ago
I see the American Taliban is alive and well.

----------ap thereupon responded below------------------------

We're just good Christian soldiers giving u psychos fair warning before we go into decisive action, buddy.  US Dollar is collapsing, sucker; ur days of riding high are over.  Get a clue to save ur worthless life.

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