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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Morons better take satanism seriously, suckers--for it's real, growing, and will win if u idiots keep ignoring it for what it is and how it works....

Satanism Is Real, Growing, Will Win If Ignored, Suckers
(Apollonian, 9 Aug 15)

Satanism is real, growing, and winning, suckers, and it means MASS-DEATH, esp. for everything held dear by those still and remaining human beings capable and willing to honest reason and thinking.

What then, again, is Satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism, the idea all reality comes fm one's mentality/consciousness, that there's no objective reality.  Thus if reality is merely what issues fm one's own mind, then one makes oneself God, thus suffers the Greek sin of hubris, and ultimately becomes satanic, by definition.

What's the origin of such satanic hubris?--it's that overwhelming inferiority-complex by which one obsessively insists on being "good" and pretending to Pharisaist "evil."  Note then this original "good-evil" is most often taught to children by way of making them obedient, the "good" and obedient child rewarded, the dis-obedient reviled as "bad."  And we know most people never grow out of many aspects of child-hood, the worst being this gross, horrible inferiority- and guilt-complex which makes them subject to subjectivism and satanism.

And the objective reality leads to the determinist principle of absolute cause-effect by which there is no possible perfectly "free" will and no "good-evil," everyone necessarily following and looking to one's interest as object of will and desire.  Interestingly, this idea of a perfectly free will attracts people, trained, programmed, and prejudiced as they are, and the idea that there couldn't be a perfectly free will rubs against so many people so that they resent it, insisting they are capable of good--so strong is their inferiority/guilt -complex so well in-grained.

And in truth, one must observe and note the great historic/philosophic and theologic controversy as the "good" was much upheld and extolled by such as Plato and the Jews, but denied by the great Christian, St. Augustine, fm whom we learn of Pelagian heresy, the idea humans can be "good" and earn their way to Heaven.

And we understand hubris and half-baked subjectivism well enough--it happens to everyone at some pt. in life, humans being sinners capable of error, but what then is most sublime Satanism?--for it has to be most ORGANIZED and then consciously practiced.  For the use of this Satanism is extremely practical and effective when there are over-populated offspring and descendents of those who came before who were victors and conquerors in war and successful in business, for examples, the following offspring generations not having to work and suffer as did the original founders--as we see presently in the corrupt Western culture and USA.

And thus these corrupt inheritor generations indulge in the hubris and corruption as we note in present-day "hip-hop" music culture--and in other forms and genres.  But the "hip-hop" manifestation is only the surface of cultural satanism, the root of it is in education and esp. law whence we observe the foremost criminals and murderers making the most money, gaining the greatest fame, and receiving great accolades.  Hillary Clinton is surely the most notorious satanic figure.

Again, what and who are the MOST organized, most "connected" subjectivists/Satanists?--who are able thus to command, rule, and order all the other various subjectivists and Satanists, including their dupes, and half-baked associates, who are far less organized, committed, and motivated, and who even hugely out-number the core Satanists, most organized?--these are the Jews/Talmudists who are most COLLECTIVISTS and collectivized.

And this horrific, organized Satanism is the reason for the great savior figure of Jesus Christ who is given to us as Truth, the only way to proper Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), who opposes Jew lies and subjectivism (JOHN 8:44), truth necessarily requiring the objective reality as criterion/base/premise.

And naturally, the Satanists and Jews will work to co-opt the establishment Christian churches, insisting on primacy and reality of "good-evil," that Christ is anything other than truth or that he preached things above truth and honesty, like "love," "faith," "peace," and hereticalist "good" (except as metaphor, given the people to whom he was preaching).

So the effort to save humanity and civilization is the effort of reason and theology working together to persuade the broad people, for strict reason and logic escapes most people and their child-like mentalities.  Thus the effort must be made equally in the theologic/aesthetic manner, especially for the preaching of the real Christianity--against the Jews and satanists, and thus against the establishment "Christian" churches which Jews and satanists control and manipulate against the people.

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