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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jews need to be understood for what they are: criminals, psychopaths, murderers--a parasite disease-of-opportunity

"Our mission must be to accommodate these sick among us, because the Jews are not “perfidious” people as much as they are sick people to be cured.
Jews are to be loved individually and sincerely in order to free them from the prison in which they are locked." [/QUOTE]

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Jews: Parasite Disease-Of-Opportunity, Organized Subjectivists, Cyclically Harvesting Over-Populated, Hubristic Gentiles
(Apollonian, 9 Oct 10)

Absolutely NOT not not, I say, to above quote: Jews are rather to be HATED, as they deserve, for they're simply a criminal gang of psychopaths and murderers, a parasite disease-of-opportunity upon society--even if this society has become itself pathologic, all truth be told, in all of society's ripeness and maturing in the CYCLIC phase of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. See

Defense of humanity REQUIRES Jews be exterminated. Only proper question then is exactly HOW we'll exterminate these Jew scum, and this only requires genuine, accurate analysis of the conditions and history.

For note humans ARE SINNERS, given to HUBRIS, and Jews then are perfectly evolved parasite disease-of-opportunity. And it's CYCLIC phenomenon and function in accord w. Spengler, as noted. Thus humans prosper, succeed, and thrive as they begin in HONESTY and (Aristotelian) objectivity--BUT then become OVER-POPULATED, given to corruption and aforementioned "HUBRIS," subjectivism, mysticism, and pretending to perfectly "free" will, "good-evil," etc.

And as Jews are foremost LIARS (founded upon extreme subjectivity, again), they're most organized, "connected," united, and well-led criminals. Gentiles, as long as they're still numerous and over-populated, don't observe and notice Jew criminals, gentiles encouraged to being mystic and alienated fm one-another as well as objective reality itself.

But then as Jew parasites themselves become prosperous, successful, and evermore heavily populated, gentiles becoming less populated, Jew parasites must begin to falling-out w. one-another, as we see presently, the "left-liberal" faction of CFR-Bilderberg fronted by Obama/Soetoro at odds w. the other primary mastermind faction of "right-conservatives" behind Israel-"zionists."

Yet another faction of Jews are the lower-level Jews, not quite as rich as the topmost masterminds, but still far richer than gentiles--these then are Jews behind Alex Jones ( and Ron Paul ( and, and we see them lashing-out savagely, especially at the "left-liberal" CFR-Bilderberg faction--as Alex Jones.

CONCLUSION: So, once again, necessary paradigm-change for gentile salvation fm this horrific Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity is regarding that perfect "free" will fallacy/delusion/heresy of Pelagianism and Pharisaism. Christianity requires ABSOLUTE anti-semitism--there are NO NO NO "good Jews"--kill them all. And if one isn't anti-semitic, then u ain't no Christian, pilgrim. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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