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Monday, October 11, 2010

Alex Jones--must be understood in full context

The Meaning Of Alex Jones: He Has "Released The Kracken"
(Apollonian, 12 Oct 10)

Some people in the "patriot" community pretend they don't like Alex Jones (, that Alex is a "phony"--as he "sells out" to the Jew. See Certainly Jones has his faults and failings--he is indeed married to a Jew, but he doesn't particularly hide that sad and lamentable fact. Thus Jones should be seen in CONTEXT.

For the sad fact "patriots" need to face up to is gentile culture is DEAD now in the West and especially in USA--the Jew parasite disease now ABSOLUTELY dominates--as gentile host-victim expires, and there simply will be no criticism of Jews as Jews will not tolerate it, and the obedient enforcers at all levels, even if most of them gentiles, will actively and willingly enforce this silencing and suppression.

So u see--poor, stupid, defeated gentiles, the survivors, at this pt. can ONLY wait silently as the triumphant Jew parasites fall-out w. one another--as must happen when the parasite finally destroys the gentile host-victim it has heretofore been feeding-off.

Thus we see Jews dominating the CRIMINAL oligarchy at the top, controlling the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam/operation (see for best expo/ref. on Fed fraud): there are two main factions of these Jew masterminds, playing "good-cop, bad-cop" charade, (a) the "left-liberals" of CFR-Bilderberg faction, behind communist United Nations (UN), fronted by Obama/Soetoro.

(b) On the "right-conservatives" side there are the Israel-first/"zionists," these alligned w. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists among gentiles, these JCs the single most powerful gentile faction, though far inferior in power or influence to either of the top aforementioned Jew factions.

(c) But then there's a third powerful faction which must be considered, and these are the LOWER-LEVEL Jews who aren't quite in same league w. top Jewwy factions aforementioned, BUT who are nonetheless quite rich--far more so than gentiles, though gentiles are obviously more numerous--THESE THEN, the lower-level Jews, are the main supporters of Alex Jones and such as Ron Paul ( and and Jesse Ventura.

For these lower-level Jews KNOW they will be thrown to proverbial anti-semitic "wolves" for diversionary purposes when the top-level Jews need to make quick get-away as USA continues down the toilet for economic and political health, US Dollar getting ready to collapse soon, soon.

And further, remember these lower-level Jews don't really want the USA to be destroyed as they've done so well over the years--they want rather to keep USA going and healthy, and NOT to be merely submerged and captured within the New World Order (NWO) dominated by CFR-Bilderberg.

So then HOW exactly does Alex Jones operate?--for note he NEVER will mention Jews in bad light--it's never their fault for anything, though Jones will make occasional note of Israel's attack on USS Liberty (see Jones rather regularly denounces Adolf Hitler--as do the Jewwy-controlled libertarians, Ron Paul, et al.

Thus Jones picks out the topmost "left-liberal" faction consisting of the CFR-Bilderberg, mentioning them by name and calling them "globalists"--it's all the "globalists" fault, u see--never Jews. But astute patriots understand who's who and what's what. All these oligarchs are either Jews or their agents, obviously--this doesn't take rocket-science.

And specifically then, Jones will focus upon certain definite things the "globalists" are prosecuting, including "World Climate Change," formerly known as "Global Warming," but now especially, "Eugenics," and the "globalist" campaign for sterilizing the world's masses of people--esp. WITHOUT people's consent--de-population--measures against "over-population."

And further, Jones exposes the "globalist's" literal "SLOW-KILL" methods as they deliberately work to poison the people by means of aspartame and MSG additives, PROVEN to cause sterility, cancer, organ-failure, and other horrific and deathly effects. Jones also exposes GMO (genetically modified) foods, meant also to kill the people--even if slowly--AND to giving large Jew-dominated corporations monopolies in respective markets--though of course, as always, Alex doesn't mention the "Jew" part.

Another ploy used by "globalists" is the bis-phenol A ingredient in plastics and inner food can linings deliberately meant to sterilize and poison the people. Jones also pt.s out the published studies and journalistic accounts which verify and detail all these horrific facts.

Then there is the continuing flouridation of water supplies, meant to poison and slow-kill the people, and the additional issues of DEPLETED URANIUM which is steadily killing the US troops who use the weapons--all of this perfectly well-known and understood by the globalist masterminds, as Jones demonstrates.

Yet another perfidious slow-kill weapon, deliberately exerted by globalists are the "vaccines" being applied to the people, both domestically in USA and Europe--and also in third-world countries. Jones demonstrates, by means of meticulously gathered source materials and references how the "globalists" have KNOWINGLY been deliberately applying and conducting these slow-kill weapons and measures.

Yet more mass-murder methods are detailed by means of "CHEM-TRAIL" spraying by jets and airplanes which spread poisons in form of plumes of clouds looking otherwise like contrails. Another method of slow-kill and poisoning is the radiation of airport scanning machines which people and travelers are required to pass-through.

So patriots should appreciate Alex Jones who most excellently DETAILS the actual facts--showing how all these "de-population" measures really are taking place and that they really are poisoning and destroying the people, Jones pointing out the journalistic accounts as well as the original scientific sources which prove his theses BEYOND dispute.

Further, Jones moreover does magnificent historical work too, showing how these slow-kill methods were understood and deliberately initiated by the "globalists" years and years ago, the present activities mere follow-up application and practice of the theory.

CONCLUSION: So the pt. then is to acknowledge Alex Jones for all his good work presenting the necessary details. Of course Jones, by the nature of things, presently, cannot "name the Jew," though he does the next best thing, telling what they're doing, and naming individuals, leaving only the patriots to note the Jewwiness of particular malefactors and culprits, noting how they all work together in horrific conspiracy. Given the sad circumstances, patriots and gentiles cannot complain--as Jones' methods are the only ones that will pass muster of present Jew and Jew-sponsored gate-keepers. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


  1. Almost all of your links lead to a page prompting for signing in to view what you are talking about. Check your links. It is odd that someone who ordinarily adheres to mindless minutia would let this slip by.

    Remember that movie line, "Show me the money", or the old Wendy's commercial with that old lady back in the mid 1980's, "Where's the beef?"

    Show me where we are any better off in any real way thanks to Jones or any of the others you constantly mention.

    Here's the big secret that has kept the wolves at bay from making our world worse than it already has become thanks to the progressives--GUNS. If it weren't for the 2nd amendment we would have been in the mess we are in now long ago. Guns are the only reason we aren't worse off, period, end of debate.

    They don't fear those guns because they fire prayers, they fear those guns because they kill. Remember that the next time your on your knees. Thanks to all the time idiots have spent on their knees is exactly why our country is on its knees. The time for delusional belief in jewish fairy tales is passing.

  2. Appy, forget this Alex Jones nonsense for the moment and let's talk facts.

    I guess people like you and the likes you pal around with on forums consider yourselves to be the officers in waiting for this coming revolution but you have a serious problem.

    All you wannabe 4 star generals have never been to the boot camp of the mean streets, you cannot lead. You cannot lead because those you speak to is only to yourselves and not to your needed troops in the real world, besides they would reject your tripe anyway.

    The street fighting NCO's, sergeants, from the rank and file will not lead their men into certain death because of your fantasy plans.

    Maybe you had better adjust your drivel from your perches in the clouds and take a look at reality. The dreams you have will result in certain death for anyone foolish enough to listen to your overall plan.

    You need us mid level fighters to make any victory even possible because without us you not only cannot count on us but the men who file under us. Without us, your kind, the kind in the far rear will be slaughtered with no one to stand in the way and fighting the great jewish enemy.

    Like I said, long ago, there is no leader who can save us at the moment. I am sure you disagree since you and your type fancy yourselves to be the ones to save us. The funny thing is that when a real leader does emerge one of the first things he is going to do is bat you fops all the way down to being made PLT's or Permanent Latrine Orderlies.

  3. lol, the great Appy has run out of steam!

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  6. Appy, the fact that you put p with my tormenting you shows that you actually have a sense of humor. I appreciate that and give you my hats off, seriously.

    Now Apollonian, is it possible for you to tone the way you speak down to just above the level of the common idiot out there so you can gain some viewers and they understand you?

    I will admit, you do make many valid points and I do believe that you are genuine in your desire to see our enemy destroyed and have a better world for us all to live in. We disagree on many particulars but that is irrelevant until after we win.

    Now I know you and some of those other "*****" you speak with believe that only you have any genuine plan and hold the only hope for our victory. The fact is that unless you tone it down and unite the different factions we are hopeless.

    As a history buff I think you can see the wisdom in uniting the different faction for a battle like were in. You can't actually believe that you could ever pull off bringing all the different men with their different beliefs under the banner of Byzantine Christianity can you?

    Look, I will leave you alone and do your work. I might set up a different site and would include any of your work provided it's toned down a few notches on the self-righteousness crap. Even if I don't I think you should consider doing it on your own.

    If you believe that by sticking to your guns you are bringing in quality viewers instead of numbers of viewers you are wrong on both counts.

    I don't want you to fail but just realize that unless you can try uniting us all you work to keep our numbers separated thus impotent in fighting the enemy.