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Thursday, October 7, 2010

History Is Best Understood According To CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, etc.

"Conservatism" Was Half-Baked Attempted Reaction To "Free" Will Delusion, Hubris Of Rising Middle-Class
(Apollonian, 6 Oct 10)

This is genuinely interesting essay by "Metternich," "Geneology of the Right," whence he submits analysis and traces origins of "conservatism" and "right." See Metternich only lacks fullest context of CYCLIC historical process in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus I rather understand "conservatism" of Burke as reaction to radical rationalism of Enlightenment era which Burke claimed to detect fm the radical republicans of Revolutionary France. Burke was quite sympathetic w. American revolutionary model; he just didn't want to go so far, so rapidly as the French--and indeed, Burke founded his objections upon pragmatic and moralistic grounds, indubitably.

Burke merely erred in NOT thinking-out fully his half-baked ideas of morality and moralism; he did NOT anticipate Karl Marx and the rising Jew money-power which decisively took-over the West after the post-revolutionary Napoleonic dust had settled. Further Jew-oriented revolutions were to come, the turmoil not stopping through 1848, 1870, 1914, and 1945 institution of communist United Nations (UN) world gov. still consolidating to this very day.

Looking back now, we know and understand revolutionary dynamics much better. Thus original Enlightenment rationalism competed w. moralism as leading movements, moralism ultimately winning in Europe, rationalism having temporarily won in USA--until horrific American Civil War of mid 19th cent.

"Conservatism" then just wanted, in half-baked manner, to slow things down for the rapid movements of things revolutionary and "progressive." "Conservatism" became excuse for reaction of entrenched traditionalists and monarchists in name of rival moralism founded in religious-type mysticism--in contrast to the Kantian/Utilitarian type moralism pretending merely to rationalist style--as so-called "liberals" of present day.

For real rationalism is deterministic and utterly denies and repudiates childish "good-evil" founded upon hubris of fallacious/delusional/hereticalist perfectly "free" will.

Thus rationalism of Enlightenment era, so ironically and tragically, gave way to mysticism (as "romanticism") by way of moralism, disguised in rationalist style of Kant, especially, also Eng. Utilitarians.

Thus politics and French revolution became captured eventually in moralism, even in the USA--lost to the true and original Enlightenment rationalist spirit. And as rationalism gave way in French revolutionary example, so the revolution and its aftermath was captured by violence, fascism, and statism, as of Napoleonic eclecticism and pragmatism, and thence outright Hegelian statism, leading then to inevitable Marxist, Jew-dominated socialism and dictatorship as we experience and suffer presently.

Such then is Spenglerian "Decline of the West," history teaching philosophic lessons by way of example. Humanity thus succeeds, prospers, and thrives by means of reason and honesty, generally and basically, only then to suffer hubris, adopting then mysticism and moralistic Pharisaism, pretending to a perfectly "free" will, thus "good-evil" Pelagianism and Pharisaism, Jews always dominating in this degenerate phase, as of 19th cent., as Jews are most ruthless, most treacherous--and most conspiratorially organized and astutely led versus stupid, isolated, and idealistically confused and naive gentile victims of middle-class mentality.

CONCLUSION: Poor, confused, and hopelessly dazed gentile people now must rally, to save their very lives, around original Christian reason, objectivity (Aristotle) and deterministic spirit of Truth, according to Gosp. JOHN (14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-9). Real, True Christianity, defender of TRUTH, does not compromise w. lies or Jews. And only God's will prevails in reality, there being no perfectly "free" human will. Hubris, moralism-Pharisaism, and Jews must be overthrown. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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    Great show, and a show it is as private as it is and all. How many viewers do you fathom your reaching over yonder? I mean besides the two or three other participants other than you, and someone like me who is looking in for some comic relief?

    See Appy, you aren't serious in your efforts. This is all a game and/or a hobby, nothing more. If you were serious you would find a way to streamline your message and make it more palatable to your viewers--rather, potential viewers. You won't listen, and since you can't see it yourself we are left with two choices:

    1) you are a disruptive plant

    2) you are deranged

    If you are an agent than there's no hope in changing your ways as you are doing exactly what you've been put online to accomplish.

    If you are deranged and pine to be more effective in whatever you are doing, maybe this might help you become a more effective tool in your quest to cause chaos or revolution---cause face it, you are failing miserably at it presently.

    Speak like a normal human being using complete words instead of abbreviations.

    Speak of "god" as what has guided you but DO NOT "god" as a weapon to beat at people with--it ain't working, everyone runs before you can swing because you repulse people with your presence--hint, they're not scared of the stick, they're scared of death through boredom listening to your one man show and interpretation of what little you have read in the bible.

    Offer real solutions, not pipe dreams, and NOT the reliance in some hebrew god coming down to correct the mess we made and need to clean up ourselves.

    I just don't think you will listen a bit, victory isn't really what you desire, is it?