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Thursday, March 31, 2016

JR demonstrates, once again, the hopeless nature of patriot struggle against satanism, CYCLIC nature/course of hist....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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WTF?--"Patriots" Must Overcome Pyschosis, Face Reality--But It's Hopeless Struggle
(Apollonian, 31 Mar 16)

"Otherwise some of the so-called good guys with money can support newspaper editors in startups to counter the propaganda - and of course make money from the ads.

"This **** isn't that hard - but one wonders who is paying for all of the information we are digesting." -JR, Mar 29, 2016, 10:05:00 PM

WTF? What is wrong w. u, buddy?--u say u now understand something about "central-banking"?--didn't u say that?--or write it? U understand what central-banking is?--money-printing, and nowadays, -digitalizing--LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING, literally.

Trump is perfect example--one of the "good-guys," to extent that phrase has any meaning. Do u observe how Trump is now being inundated by monied powers (of central-bank)?--led by George Soros the kike?

Soros the kike is reputed to having 24 billion buckaroos, his Jew buddies, like Sheldon Adelson and Chaim Saban, have umpteen more billions--AND THERE'S MORE WHERE THAT CAME FM WHICH CAN JUST BE PRINTED-UP.

U're like a child who can't figure-out reality. AND WHO LIES, pretending and saying he grasps central-banking, but then only shows most moronic ignorance.

U tell us: "We need to apply shame to the newspapers that the public will see clearly...." BUT U'RE PART OF THE "PUBLIC," and u only demonstrate how utterly, hopelessly STUPID the "public" is, dumbass.

No facts have any effect upon ur moronic, monumental stupidity which always remains like the most obsessive, addicted goon who was programmed when u were young, and now is set in stone for ur program.

For there are only small minorities who "see clearly," as u put it--the (a) satanists and (b) the Christian leaders, the rest of the people of a mature civilization always being in "the middle," not capable of clearly grasping ANYTHING, ever, this "middle" always only going the way the "wind blows," as we see demonstrated so well by u, JR.

JR: u need to face the fact u're a hopeless, moronic idiot. "Public" and broad masses NEVER "see clearly" ANYTHING, ever--u're proof.

That's why hist. takes such a CYCLIC course as I've described for u several DOZEN times now in these comments pages, but u NEVER LEARNING.

Broad "public" (like u) can only die-out now, being expended in wars, dying of starvation, etc. U're just tooooooooo goddam stupid for anything else.

And u can't blame us Christian heroes: Lord knows how hard we work and try, but ur utter, complete, absolute stupidity KNOWS NO BOUNDS

And don't doubt: U DESERVE DEATH too, saying u understand central-banking, then talking ur idiot, stupid crap, as u do, above-noted.

Call it "faith," psychosis (which is what it really is), or what u will, but ur stupidity is never-ending, impervious to all facts, reality, truth, reasoning, etc.--it only demonstrates the necessary nature of the CYCLIC course of things, how and why it works that way.

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