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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Anti-nazism: just the Jew-friendly, Jew-oriented religion/mentality of the age....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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JR Can't Resist Jew-Friendly Kool-Aid
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 16)

"- [A]nd I hate Nazis anyway." -JR

U hate the German heroes who fought Jew bolshevik filth and anti-Christ scum? So of course, u hate reality, truth, reason, justice, and humanity too, obviously.

And anti-Nazism--what's that, but just the typical, Jew-friendly, politically-correct religion of the age? Of course u hate Nazis--u're just the same sort of Jew-friendly metro-sexual filth which u complain about, right?

"A reform plan for this country..."?--I suspect it's LONG past time for that; rather, what can only happen now is absolute anti-semitic revolution--inconceivable for a mind like urs, JR, suffused as it is w. the Jewwy, Jew-friendly Jewism which so thoroughly permeates ur brain-cells, eh?

U can't even begin to imagine a time when Jewwy Jewism wasn't ur (effective) religion, can u?

But as long as the West hated and "oppressed" those filthy kikes it generally prospered and thrived, and only now, since French Rev., when Jews (criminals, following their filthy satanic Talmud) were legitimized and progressively allowed to dominate the society has the West and its people suffered evermore horrifically under ever-greater, evermore encompassing one-world gov. founded upon the central-banking money scam.

Fools like u, JR, don't want to grasp such criminal enterprise as central-banking; thus u suffer, as u deserve. But now, I'm afraid, there's tremendous, horrific, genocidal cataclysm being readied, the people already horribly poisoned and afflicted in various ways (GMOs, toxic vaccines, Big Jew Pharma drugging people, "chem-trails," etc.), the rates of cancer and other diseases having already sky-rocketed.

So u console urself w. the same old belly-aching about "fatasses with 27 bathrooms," refusing to analyze and examining for the basic premises to the cultural problematics.

And yes, people have always complained about Jews, but don't doubt there's good reason for such complaining even if so many people don't entirely analyze why and how--as for the Jew subjectivism, fraud, and lying--and especially, that monument to Judaism, subjectivism, lying, and total corruption--central-banking.

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