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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Admit it, u cowardly puke: U'RE TOTALLY TERRORIZED BY JEWS (and their suck-alongs)

One of the reasons it's so easy to lose respect for the scum of USA--"the people"--is they're such addicted puke (even me, myself, sorry to say, such as I am) to --the TV and false "prosperity"--MAMMON worshippers, truly.

But further, and most of all, they're (the "people," again) TOTALLY TERRORIZED and intimidated by these putrid, scummy Jews--yet they refuse to admit it--specifically, that they are scared of these stinking kikes.  So most people thus fail to understand the Jews are topmost terrorists--these Jews did 9-11, don't forget.

See, u can't say anything against kikes upon pain of losing ur stupid, suck-along's job.

And I notice--esp. if u ck the white-niggers on, a site pretending to "free speech" for "white" people (which "white" they don't define, the dumb bastards), which is thoroughly infiltrated by Jews, by the way--stupid white niggers have such clever excuses for failing to note the kikes.  These white niggers say they don't say or think kikes are "hiding under 'EVERY' bed," and then they say they shouldn't blame kikes for everything.

Obvious pt. is that kikes are the top CRIMINALS, that's all.  Of course there are numerous criminals among the goyim--but what we ("anti-semites") say is Jews are at the top of it all for the large criminal network and conspiracy, beginning w. that topmost COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve.

Thus we see stupid white-niggers--no diff. fm the trendy, leftist, "metro-sexuals" on DailyKos--they like beerBarrel (better known as "queer-barrel") as they can get on and say the word, "nigger," nigger nigger--it makes them feel soooooooooooooooo good.

So we see, ironically enough, how it really is true that we're presently over-populated w. dumb bastards--like these stupid, Jew-friendly white niggers, w. all their stupid excuses and platitudes.

Note these dumb bastards are on both sides, "left" (the "metro-sexuals," in general) and "right" (the "Judeo-Christians" [or "Christian-zionists"]--JCs--see and for expo/ref.--who say Christ was Jew), so perfectly have the kikes taken over fm all sides.

And the cultural crux to it all is truly philosophic, getting down to the real meaning of Christianity--ANTI-SEMITISM, suckers--Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

But note MOST PEOPLE CANNOT think--it's just impossible for them--and that's why we're in such horrific difficulty.  Dumb bastards have been "empowered"--they think they're boss now--ho ho ho--and u see them on places like queer-barrel, running their mouths, feeling like they're soooooooooo strong and smart.

Thus the "empowered" dumb-shits and white-niggers have "taken control," in their little groups, as on queer-barrel, and it's interesting how they operate, intimidating people (so they think, anyway) by means of "reputation" pt.s, attached to every posting made by who-ever posts, which they inflict upon anyone they don't like--esp. anti-semites like urs truly, ho ho ho.

Dumb bastards and white-niggers "empowered" and "taking-control"--that's (another reason) why USA is going down the proverbial "drain," indubitably, stupid white-niggers and scum so easily "influenced" by the strategically targeted funding of the COUNTERFEITERS of Fed.  This then (strategic, even brilliant, Fed funding) is why and how kikes at top rule--and they have the dip-shits and white-niggers, maybe not a majority, but still the largest single group, working most enthusiastically for them, un-questionably.

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